The Brooks

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween was FUN this year! I laughed... a lot. How could you not? You can dress your kids up and laugh at them! Major props to John this year- Whit insisted he be a yellow Angry Bird and he complied... for a bit anyway. At least we got great pictures. Whit wanted me to be a princess... hence the crown. If only I had a fabulous princess outfit like Kate Middleton. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Whit has been talking about getting pumpkins for a long time, and I finally went to get some. I'm so terrible! I've been meaning to get some for oh, about a month now, and decided it was time with Halloween pretty much here. The boys had fun picking out pumpkins.

Carving our pumpkin... T loved it, but Whit just wanted to play with the knives. 
Yeah... not a good idea.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Fall

Before I show you cute pictures of my kids I thought I would let you know of a pet peeve. I'm SICK AND TIRED of "y'all". Have you noticed this trend? Happy Fall, y'all! Merry Christmas, y'all! Welcome, y'all! I don't know if I'm a yankee, but I'm so tired of this! Yes, I say it but no, I don't need to write it on everything. That's why the title is just Happy Fall... no y'all.

And now for pictures... this is from the Corn Maze we did with our Sunday School class. I mean, the Marks. It was us and Dan and Sam! Way to go, Veritas :)

Whit and Sam are ALL BOY. Can you tell?

Happy fall, everyone!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Few Fun Rides

That's what she said.

Sorry... I had to get that out of the way.

Here's a recap of some things in the past few weeks that all GO...

John got a new car a few weeks ago and the boys loved playing at the dealership...

The Fire Department had a Fire Safety Week and gave tours of the fire houses and let the kids look at the equipment...

The eliptical was his favorite part

Whit and Austin having fun

Whit rode on a camel at the zoo. His name was Elmo. He can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


First of all, yes it looks like he is far out in this picture but it was REALLY shallow and there was a sand bar not too far away from here where we played a lot. I was close- he was fine! 

My purpose in posting this is because I had a big realization on this trip- my baby is growing up! This is the first time Whit has wanted to go in the water by himself and play. I was sitting there waving at him and yelling to come back when necessary, but he was having a blast in the water just splashing around. He also had a lot of friends at the beach too so he would go over a few umbrellas and play with them while the moms and I talked. I felt like a mom. I felt like my mom! I remember being the kid in the ocean and playing in the sand with friends while my mom talked, and now here it was my turn? When did this happen? How did he get so big? I know if the water was deeper I wouldn't have allowed that at all, but still... when did he get big enough to do all this and want to just run off and play with his friends? My little 4 year old said today "when I'm 5 I can...". What? His next birthday he'll be 5? 3.5 years ago I don't think I ever thought about my baby being 4 and 5. I had tunnel vision in the baby phase and never thought about parenting a kid during that time, but here it is! I'm so thankful for this time- 4 is awesome. I love his personality and while it's trying sometimes :) it's still a lot of fun. He's pretty hilarious, but I guess all parents say that!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A little piece of Heaven

Rosemary Beach has to be one of my favorite places, and Rosemary Beach in October is even better! We were fortunate to get to take a mini-vacay because Whit was out of school for Fall Break, so we packed up and headed out!

We had such a fun time- the weather was amazing and it wasn't crowded at all. We took John's parents with us so we had a little bit of free time too, which was great! If only it could have lasted longer!

Stopped for dinner at McD's. I looked over and saw this. They were so happy to be out of the car!

Ah yes, the toe picture

To say he loved the beach this trip is an understatement

This one even liked it too!

Red Bar- if given the choice, this might be my last mneal

We walked to the Donut Truck in Alys Beach and Whit got to ride his bike in his PJs

We dug a hole- and he was proud

They *tried* flying a kite

Mimi on the boogie board

These are the Patterson twins in Whit's class who were there too. We played every day together and had a ball!

Not quite sure about this pose

Digging another hole

It's a hard life for T bird

Dinner with the Pattersons

Melissa- this is for you- I don't have a before shot when it was just our family's stuff in the back, but when we loaded ALL OF YOUR MOM'S STUFF this is what the car looked like- couldn't see out the back! John and his dad went back a day early and we were left with this...