The Brooks

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breakfast with Buddy

Whit had Breakfast with Buddies last week and loved showing his Daddy what all he does at school. They had donuts (well, Whit had 2), chick-fil-a, and a scavenger hunt so the boys could show their dads or buddies all the stations in their class. I think John might have enjoyed it more than Whit :)


Blowing bubbles on the playground

Whit made this for his daddy- he picked out an orange shirt for John and a red one for himself. When Mrs. Kilgore asked him what color hair he wanted to put on himself she said yellow or brown, and he replied "no, I have golden hair!" 

If any of you have a good suggestion for what I do with the picture please let me know! It's 3d so won't fit in a frame, but I would love to do something with it for the house or John's office. Any advice is welcomed :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

What's on my heart

5 years ago today, one of my best and dearest friends from college had a little boy. This day was was filled with joy and anticipation, and when we heard that little Forrest had arrived, all of the friends and family celebrated. I remember being in the room after he was born and it was like a big party- the hospital room was packed with friends and family alike who had come to meet this little boy. The next morning around 6:30-7 I got a frantic call from Brittany- Forrest wasn't doing well. He had been rushed to Le Bonheur. She was trying to get discharged so she could be with him. Not being a mother at the time I remember thinking "you can't leave the hospital-  you have to heal!!" But I of course didn't tell her that. I'll never forget the fear, anxiety and overwhelming since of disbelief that she had in her voice. If you are reading this, you no doubt know the end of the story... that there was an end. Sweet, precious, tiny Forrest lived here on earth for 55 days before going to see his Heavenly Father.

And the Harrisons... how did God deem them to be parents who lost a child. No, lost children! It seems like God has taken these "good" families and rocked their worlds. My sinful nature makes me want to ask "so, what's in store for me?? You had them lose children, but what are you going to take away from me??" I know that's Satan using this to attack my walk with God. I know that's not how God chooses to punish. If that were the case we would all be in deep, dark holes and would never have the chance to live eternally with our God and Savior. But, as we said all throughout Easter "Hallelujah! Christ rose from the dead!"

Lately it seems like God is throwing a HUGE sign at me saying "YOU ARE A PARENT!! DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY!" I've been bombarded (in a good way) about Godly parenting and am realizing it is a huge responsibility to raise God's children in a manner that is pleasing to Him. Did anyone see how I acted last night during dinner? It's a good thing- you wouldn't think so highly of me that I acted that way towards my children. But, I'm learning that they are here, not for my sake, but for His. To bring Him glory. To bring others to Christ. The single most important duty I have in my whole entire life- did you get that? my LIFE- is to raise them so that they will desire to walk with God. I pray every day that they will never remember a day where they didn't know and love God. I pray daily they will walk the straight and narrow path in middle/high school and college. Knowing Whit's personality and leadership skills I pray he leads friends down God's path and not toward the "popular" crowd. High school SCARES me to death and the only way I know to combat it is to pray. Now. If you are reading this and wonder what on earth I'm talking about please take a moment and read through Deuteronomy 6. There are tons of other passages, but this is where all of this came from and the charge we are given as parents. God gave us precious gifts, and I'm now realizing it's not for my benefit, or to dress cute, or to lug around to play dates, or to tell funny stories about them at dinner parties... it's to raise them to love Christ! I bet the Harrisons and Spences would tell you each day is an utter gift and blessing, and that's how I need to choose to see each day. That is how I need to choose to discipline. That is how I need to choose to love. That is how I need to choose to serve.

That is a whole lot of random information, but that is what is on my heart today. Happy 5th birthday to Forrest. Happy 3 1/2 years to Evie. I pray your families feel God's blessing, courage, joy and love today. I honestly don't know how you can wake up every day, but each day you live is a testimony of God's faithfulness to us. Love to you, sweet friends!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Brotherly Love... maybe?

Oh these boys... just when I think they are getting along I see Satan come out and ruin a sweet moment. Fortunately, I caught some of these sweet moments on camera before he made an appearance, so this is what I choose to remember :) 

T's first time in the car at Kroger. He now throws a full-out red-headed fit if he doesn't get to ride in the car. 

Walk after dinner one night

He loves his brother so much, although Whit is frequently mean, so I'm not sure why

Yes, I have 2 child prodigies

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sweet Friends

We had a lot of fun play dates this summer! We certainly had LOTS with the Frazees but I don't have many pictures of those- they were sweet enough to cart us around when I was in my boot! So here are some pictures of sweet friends God has blessed us with and our fun times this summer...

At the pool with the Frazees and Spences

The Brooks and Spence boys reunited!

This is Graham Gore- that's how Whit refers to him as there are several Grahams in his life

T bird + J bird = Love birds

Whit and the Patterson boys

The Patterson twins and Chase- Whit's best buddies from school. It's so sweet to see him developing these friendships on his own! Up until now his friends were basically mandated by me and who I wanted to spend time with, but now he has all of these little buddies and loves them dearly. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Camp Soaring Hawk

If any of you went to Camp Soaring Hawk, you will appreciate this video. "I Like Bananas" was a favorite song on mine when I went to camp for 6 summers, so of course we had to teach it to Whit. I highly encourage you to teach it to your little ones... I mean, it's pretty fun.

So without further ado.... I like bananas...

Saturday, September 1, 2012


My sister-in-law reminded me after not updating for about a month and a half, it was time for a new post. So Melissa, this is for you!

Whit started pre-k at PDS on August 20 and HE LOVES IT! He thinks it's the best thing in the world. In fact, he had to miss Friday because of a little stomach bug and he was crushed. He kept saying "I don't like to throw up" and then "why can't I go to PDS?" Poor kid couldn't understand why all of his friends were there but he wasn't.

Every day that the kids have a good day they get a sticker. Well, it took about 4 days before he just had a really bad day. He had to pull 3 sticks, and that's a big deal for those of you who don't know what that means. That's just bad. It crushed him. However, he has received a sticker every day since then and is beyond proud of himself. When he gets out of the car, he will tell the coaches about his stickers, and even get out his folder to show them the stickers. He will show his teachers when I pick him up. He will tell anyone ready to listen about his sticker. So, I think pulling sticks turned out to be a good thing because he doesn't ever want to do that again.

Here is the first day of school. Also, if you go to and then go to Classes, Gruby/Kilgore AM they have photos posted that you can see of the boys and he's on there a few times.