The Brooks

Monday, August 29, 2011


If any of you have or have had a 3 year old you know they can say some funny things. So, here are a few things Whit has said that makes us laugh...

- "take Thomas back to the hospital"... that was a hard one to hear :(
- I told Whit I had to get gas in the car. He said "no gas in the car, I got gas in my bottom."
- "Hey Jennie"- he calls me Jennie about 80% of the time
- "Oh, what was that? Oh, it's just gas, not poop." He's a little obsessed with gas.
- (John coughs) "Oh, Daddy needs some coffee for his cough."
- John: "Whit, is there anyone else you want to thank God for?" Whit: "Um, dragons!" The irony in this is that he HATES dragons. Pray for your enemies, right?!
- While watching a UT game Whit asked "where's Snooki?" Say what?!? We don't watch Jersey Shore. Finally figured out he meant "Where's Smokey?" Whew.
- "Mommy- will you do me a favorite?"

Sunday, August 28, 2011

And a few more pics...

Look who is eating rice cereal!

Who do you think he looks like?!?

so happy

a sweet moment caught (or posed) on the camera

Another sweet one

hard day

Whit was sharing his animals- I found Thomas buried under them


Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. Can't believe how big Whit is now and how quickly Thomas is growing! Dooley called the other day to sign him. At his 4 month check he was in the 97% for height and 91% for weight. Geeze!

Man, I love these boys!

Whit and William, the Super Heros

Sad day- saying goodbye to Austin

Whit loved the bike at the beach

First trip for our family of 4 to the beach!

Whit turned 3!

Sweet Thomas

Hello, beautiful boy!


First walk

Being a mom has taught me to appreciate my mom so much more. I mean, this mom-thing is kind of hard! In the first few months you are just exhausted and that's the hardest, but when they hit 3 they start talking back and disobeying like crazy. However, when Whit comes up to me and says "I wuv you" or Thomas looks at me and smiles it makes it all worth it. But yes, I have a whole new appreciation for my mom! I also appreciate my mother-in-law too... I can't imagine these boys growing up and having another woman take my place. So Glenda, thank you for allowing me to marry John and for NOT being one of those crazy mother-in-laws that I see myself turning into one of these days!

Well, well, well...

One thing I've learned as a mom is to "never say never". Because honestly, I think any time you say it God puts that in a little file folder and you will find yourself doing that thing you swore you would never do (and, if we're honest, what we judged other parents for doing!) Case in point- I said I would never have a blog. Why do I need it? Grandparents are in town and I post pictures on facebook. Well, I think I just need another outlet and I got bored during one of Thomas' naptimes. So, here is my blog that will be my outlet and where I will post pictures of the 2 most precious boys in the world :)