The Brooks

Friday, September 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Agricenter today to take some pictures with friends... we are ready for fall!

The following are a hysterical sequence of the kids just yelling at each other and scaring patrons away...


We came home to paint our pumpkins

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Gown

As I mentioned in an earlier post I originally wore the baptism gown when I graduated from Hutch. It was an antique nightgown that was taken apart and re-made for me. When I wore it, it was a dress. When my boys wore it, it was a gown. Anywho... here are the pictures from when I wore it, then when it was remade, and when my boys were both in it. I know you think I'm harping on the baptism... this is the last post for it! And in case you didn't know how talented my mom was... she is the one who re-made it for the boys!



Video of Baptism

One of Mimi and Papa's friends video'ed the baptism, so here it is. In the end, in case you can't hear, Thomas was grabbing at Sandy's mic and so he said that he wanted to be a preacher. When Whit was baptized Sandy said he wanted to be a salesman. We'll see! Oh- and T spit up all over Sandy too :) Something to remember him by.

I love this- I just say it over and over in my head- "Now may the blessings of the Lord Almighty- Father, Son and Holy Spirit- descend upon you and dwell in your heart forever." I pray God will dwell in my boys' hearts forever. How precious is that blessing?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thomas' Baptism

Today we were honored to baptize our sweet Thomas. Growing up Baptist it's no secret that I've struggled with infant baptism, but this is such a sweet blessing to share with our family. I love that I have made a covenant with God to bring Thomas up in a way that is pleasing to Him and to teach and instruct him about his Heavenly Father. Here are some pictures of the baptism and the luncheon afterwards.

This is more like it...

This gown is an antique. I originally wore it when I graduated from high school, then my mom re-made it for Whit to wear when he was baptized. Thomas got to wear it too. Hopefully one day Hayley's kids can wear it too :)

The kids eating lunch

Uncle Jim came in just for the baptism

We had talked to Whit for a few days about the baptism- mainly to make sure he would stand still up front. Tonight, after he and John had said his prayers he said "no Daddy, say 'thank you for this day and thank you for Thomas being baptized." I know he doesn't know exactly what it means but it was so sweet to hear! And by the way... Whit was fabulous during the baptism! I was so proud of him. Sandy Wilson also said Thomas was going to be a preacher because he kept reaching for the microphone.