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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


First of all, yes it looks like he is far out in this picture but it was REALLY shallow and there was a sand bar not too far away from here where we played a lot. I was close- he was fine! 

My purpose in posting this is because I had a big realization on this trip- my baby is growing up! This is the first time Whit has wanted to go in the water by himself and play. I was sitting there waving at him and yelling to come back when necessary, but he was having a blast in the water just splashing around. He also had a lot of friends at the beach too so he would go over a few umbrellas and play with them while the moms and I talked. I felt like a mom. I felt like my mom! I remember being the kid in the ocean and playing in the sand with friends while my mom talked, and now here it was my turn? When did this happen? How did he get so big? I know if the water was deeper I wouldn't have allowed that at all, but still... when did he get big enough to do all this and want to just run off and play with his friends? My little 4 year old said today "when I'm 5 I can...". What? His next birthday he'll be 5? 3.5 years ago I don't think I ever thought about my baby being 4 and 5. I had tunnel vision in the baby phase and never thought about parenting a kid during that time, but here it is! I'm so thankful for this time- 4 is awesome. I love his personality and while it's trying sometimes :) it's still a lot of fun. He's pretty hilarious, but I guess all parents say that!

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