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Friday, November 23, 2012

Oh Shit...

Pardon the explicit title, but right after I got married my mom gave me a yellow magnet that said "Oh Shit: I've turned into my mother." It was laughable then, and there were a few things that I realized I did just like she did. However, becoming a mother has made me realize all the more how I can be like her. Just tiny little things that make me think, "wow- that was very Margaret-like." So, this post, in honor of my mother, is all of our Thanksgiving decorations. I remember growing up she used to take pictures of everything- the birthday presents all lined up, the mantle at Christmas (which was the same year after year) and so on and so forth. I always thought this was a funny habit and probably made fun of her in my head, because I was nicer as a child and not as sarcastic so I didn't do it right to her face. Well, then I became a mom, and oh shit... I do the same thing now too! So here ya go...

This is flat out hilarious- Whit made it at school

Or N for Native American? 

Our thankful tree

Whit's cornucopia 

My fun little turkey

Back to the thankful tree... We started it the first day of Thanksgiving and it was so much fun. Whit wanted to do it every night and reminded us when we forgot. Here are some things he was thankful for:

Emmie and Happy
Mimi and Papa
Aunt Hayley and Uncle Graham Cracker
Clifford (our animals are so important)
Yorky Bear (the real one, not stuffed one)
Jesus' grace
Aunt Leslie
All the doggies
God and His grace

Last night after 2 Thanksgiving dinners I was thankful for stretchy pants. And if you are reading this blog, know that I am thankful for YOU!

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