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Monday, August 29, 2011


If any of you have or have had a 3 year old you know they can say some funny things. So, here are a few things Whit has said that makes us laugh...

- "take Thomas back to the hospital"... that was a hard one to hear :(
- I told Whit I had to get gas in the car. He said "no gas in the car, I got gas in my bottom."
- "Hey Jennie"- he calls me Jennie about 80% of the time
- "Oh, what was that? Oh, it's just gas, not poop." He's a little obsessed with gas.
- (John coughs) "Oh, Daddy needs some coffee for his cough."
- John: "Whit, is there anyone else you want to thank God for?" Whit: "Um, dragons!" The irony in this is that he HATES dragons. Pray for your enemies, right?!
- While watching a UT game Whit asked "where's Snooki?" Say what?!? We don't watch Jersey Shore. Finally figured out he meant "Where's Smokey?" Whew.
- "Mommy- will you do me a favorite?"

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