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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. Can't believe how big Whit is now and how quickly Thomas is growing! Dooley called the other day to sign him. At his 4 month check he was in the 97% for height and 91% for weight. Geeze!

Man, I love these boys!

Whit and William, the Super Heros

Sad day- saying goodbye to Austin

Whit loved the bike at the beach

First trip for our family of 4 to the beach!

Whit turned 3!

Sweet Thomas

Hello, beautiful boy!


First walk

Being a mom has taught me to appreciate my mom so much more. I mean, this mom-thing is kind of hard! In the first few months you are just exhausted and that's the hardest, but when they hit 3 they start talking back and disobeying like crazy. However, when Whit comes up to me and says "I wuv you" or Thomas looks at me and smiles it makes it all worth it. But yes, I have a whole new appreciation for my mom! I also appreciate my mother-in-law too... I can't imagine these boys growing up and having another woman take my place. So Glenda, thank you for allowing me to marry John and for NOT being one of those crazy mother-in-laws that I see myself turning into one of these days!

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