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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy 6 months, T!

I can't believe Thomas is 6 months old! I know time flew with Whit, but it feels like it is really in full-speed with Thomas. I think I have perspective this time around and know that my little baby is soon going to be running- literally- everywhere he goes!

We had his 6 month check-up yesterday and quite honestly it was a little disappointing- I think John's hopes of Thomas being a 1st round pick NFL lineman were a little dashed. At 4 months he was in the upper 97% for height and 95% in weight. At 6 months he's down to the 86% in height and 64% in weight! He's skinny! Something Whit never was until he was 3. (See pics below). Thomas now rolls around everywhere to get something he wants. This kid is not going to be laid back like what I heard 2nd children typically are. I guess judging from my father and sister I should have known that :)

So below are Thomas and Whit both at 6 months. My little chunker Whit! He was 95% in weight at this picture.



And finally... this was a rare moment of brotherly love. I've been praying these two would be best friends. I don't think Whit knows what to do with Thomas but each day is a different day- sometimes he likes him, sometimes he doesn't. Last night he wanted to feed him so he did! About 1/2 his dinner before he got bored. He has also wanted to help me hold the bottle lately. Thank you, Lord for small miracles!

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  1. Happy 6 months sweet boy! Love that picture of Whit feeding him. Precious. I really do think Whit will adore him soon. They will be best friends. It just takes time!