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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A little bit of ranting...

If this is my blog then I get to write what I want, right?!? Well, lately 2 things have been bugging the heck out of me, so you can choose to read or skip this post.

1. "Y'all"- I'm over the whole "y'all" sensation. Happy fall, y'all! Merry Christmas, y'all! Y'all, y'all, y'all! I'm a southerner through and through and use that word countless times a day, but please, please take a break from putting it on everything!! I attribute this to Paula Dean for some reason.

2. Have you noticed how every news story is now "breaking news"? Maybe it's because I watch 10:00 news more than I used to, but just because a news story is the lead story of the night doesn't automatically make it breaking news. One of these is not like the other- "9/11: Breaking News", "Death of Bin Laden: Breaking News", "Millington mayor leaves jail: Breaking News". Did you get it?!? If so, please pass along to local news outlets so they understand as well.

If my hubby were here he would add to this list of his own pet peeves, but alas he's out of town. I might add some more down the road!

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