The Brooks

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breakfast with Buddy

Whit had Breakfast with Buddies last week and loved showing his Daddy what all he does at school. They had donuts (well, Whit had 2), chick-fil-a, and a scavenger hunt so the boys could show their dads or buddies all the stations in their class. I think John might have enjoyed it more than Whit :)


Blowing bubbles on the playground

Whit made this for his daddy- he picked out an orange shirt for John and a red one for himself. When Mrs. Kilgore asked him what color hair he wanted to put on himself she said yellow or brown, and he replied "no, I have golden hair!" 

If any of you have a good suggestion for what I do with the picture please let me know! It's 3d so won't fit in a frame, but I would love to do something with it for the house or John's office. Any advice is welcomed :)


  1. I totally think you should go to hobby lobby and get a frame without glass and glue it to a mat. SO CUTE!

  2. what a sweet post!! love it. aren't there some kind of three dimensional frames? i feel like i have seen those before. that would protect the adorbale picture, i bet.