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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sweet Friends

We had a lot of fun play dates this summer! We certainly had LOTS with the Frazees but I don't have many pictures of those- they were sweet enough to cart us around when I was in my boot! So here are some pictures of sweet friends God has blessed us with and our fun times this summer...

At the pool with the Frazees and Spences

The Brooks and Spence boys reunited!

This is Graham Gore- that's how Whit refers to him as there are several Grahams in his life

T bird + J bird = Love birds

Whit and the Patterson boys

The Patterson twins and Chase- Whit's best buddies from school. It's so sweet to see him developing these friendships on his own! Up until now his friends were basically mandated by me and who I wanted to spend time with, but now he has all of these little buddies and loves them dearly. 

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