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Thursday, September 22, 2011

You never outgrow your mama

Just recently I've realized how much I still rely upon my mom. I think I'm a better mom because of how much she helps me. I don't tell her this enough, but my mom is the best. You might say that your mom is, but I'll argue with you and then be right. She is awesome- always full of energy- always willing to help- always willing to take care of my boys- always willing to do anything I need. If I'm sick, I call my mom. If my kids are sick, I call my mom. If John is sick, I still call my mom. If I haven't slept much, I call my mom. If I just need affirmation, I call my mom. In short, I will never, ever outgrow my mama and what she does for me! She is currently almost half way through radiation treatment and man is it taking a toll on her. It's kind of scary to see this vibrant woman be as worn out and tired as she is. I'm very thankful to know this will only last a matter of weeks and not be the rest of her life, but I'm currently realizing how much I rely upon her when she isn't able to help anymore and how much I need to help her for the countless number of things I'll never be able to thank her for. So mom, I love you and I'm proud of you. I'm sorry for not telling you this enough. You are a godly woman, wife, mother and grandmother and I'm always honored when people say I remind them of you.

On the other hand, I am doubly blessed in that my mother-in-law is a wonderful woman of God as well. Even though she's working full time she is still helping me take care of my boys- especially for Thomas' baptism this weekend. Glenda- I love you too and am sorry not saying that enough! I'm so thankful and blessed to have a mother-in-law as wonderful as you!

This is quite possibly the funniest picture of John- ever. I had to find a way to put it in somewhere.

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