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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Week Activities

We had a lot of fun the week of Easter. Thanks to Pinterest, I had activities daily that led up to Easter Sunday. A few were secular, but mostly I tried to point everything to the cross. I don't think Whit even heard about the Easter bunny till Saturday.  Here are some pictures of our week. 

Super Hero Whit decorating crosses that we used as placecards for lunch

Whit painted this cross

Our Easter display

The cross place cards

Whit and William at the Easter egg hunt at church. 

Silly hats

Mrs. Courtney is so silly

I found Whit in a dark corner hiding while eating his candy.

I luv you, Jennings

Would you look at those thighs??

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  1. What a fun mommy! Looks like a great week. Happy Easter sweet Brooks clan.