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Friday, June 1, 2012

Go Jennie... it's your birfday

My birthday has come and gone for this year but it was a great day! John woke me up to tell me I had to be at Gould's at 8 for a 4 hour spa package. Why yes, I think that works for me! The day took an unexpected turn when I had to take T to the doctor to find out he had a virus, but at least the boys got to play on the playground. Then we headed to mom's for dinner. It was a great day, and I told John he never has to think about what to get me again- 4 hours at the spa is pretty much perfect on every birthday from here on out!

My pretty blue toes, which look a little frightening in the picture

birthday flowers

And this little beauty is one of the reasons I'm currently on a diet

I got to wake up to this sweet boy singing me happy birthday

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  1. I miss you! We need to catch up!
    Sounds like a fabulous birthday !!