The Brooks

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Meet me in St. Louis

Over Memorial Day weekend we took the crazies to St. Louis with my parents and had a blast. By blast I mean little sleep for the kiddos, thus the kiddos melting down, but all-in-all it was a great time. St. Louis is a great place to visit with kids because there is so much to do and most of it is free! Hello, bargain!

(Warning- lots of pictures! This should last you a few days, Melissa :))

Whit at the zoo

Happy and Whit-man looking at elephants

One of the few naps T-bird took


Poor kid looks terrible. JUST SLEEP!

At Grant's Farm feeding goats- looked like this at first...

Then he was in my arm's within about .5 seconds

Ahh... feeding through the fence is much better


Feeding the llama llama 

And now feeding the camel 

Another cold treat- he wanted to pose with it 

And again- kid is a ham

At the Magic House- their children's museum which is HUGE

Jack and the beanstalk- could climb several stories 

"getting our hair crazy"

Inside the arch

He was trying to look angry

Whit- do you like the arch? Yes, he does.

Whit- it's time to leave-

The arch was NOT for me!

Looking at the arch

Ahh... best shot of the weekend :)


  1. Good job Jennie! :) I am happy now! These should hold me over until we get to see you all in person.

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip. Looking forward to visiting St. Louis when we return to Memphis. Love the pics of you and Whit with your hair in the air. So cute!