The Brooks

Saturday, June 16, 2012


If you have spent any time around Whit you probably know that he LOVES Lightning McQueen. I mean, loves anything from Cars- it doesn't matter what. Marketing people are brilliant and realized that if a product had Cars on it a child would want it, and that is exactly Whit. So, it was pretty easy to come up with a theme for his birthday party- Cars! He also loves riding his bike and racing so I decided to have everyone bring their bikes over and we would have a real race. 

After decorating his bike


Go, Thompson, Go!

Go Hadley!

Parties are tiring! You would think from this picture he slept all afternoon, however it was his typical hour and a half nap.

Graham is ready to go!

Whit got LOTS of Cars gear!

We had a fun day celebrating and are thankful for sweet friends to help us celebrate Whit's life!


  1. Such a cute party! We can't wait to see you all! We definitely went with the whole cars theme for his present. :) BTW- Molls is going to the dentist this am, so our trip should not be delayed!

  2. Looks like such a fun party. So wish A could have been there. He would have LOVED it!!! Great job mommy...especially as a gimp :)

  3. your poor foot!
    so cute friend! everything looks great, you did a great job ! looks like fun! and i love the expression on whit's face in the other post when your brining the cake in! so cute!
    love you friend!