The Brooks

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lots of happenings

First off, I think when I first created a blog I did it with the thought I could have a Christmas design one day. Well... here it is!

We have had 1 busy week! Holy cow I'm tired but have had a lot of fun. I know 2 little boys who are pretty tired too.

We'll start off with Monday- Whit's first holiday program! I was so excited- had the video camera, our camera, loads of grandparents... and he just stood there. Didn't sing, just wrapped his hands around his throat like the experience was literally killing him. I'm at least proud he stood and didn't dart... that's a step forward.

We had our cousins in town and had a blast! Hunt and Molly stayed with us and Whit loved the built-in playmates who would get up at 5 with him! Yes... 5:00 a.m.... we made the most out of our cousins being here! This time last year the poor kid didn't know what to do with all of his cousins around and he just retreated, but this year he was right there with them having a ball.

Thursday we had 2 Thanksgivings and here are pictures below. Since I didn't officially finish a list here are things I'm thankful for from this week: The Jardinas, O'Donnells, and Roberts for all driving in safely and getting to see far-off family, all of Whit's cousins who love him and he loves too, early bed-times for kiddos because mommy was tired, grandparents who hosted both Thanksgivings, Thomas being a trooper and hanging in there after lots of missed naps... and so many more things I'm thankful for but am too tired to think about!


  1. That is hilarious about Whit and the Thanksgiving program-I JUST posted a similar one about Emily's!!! They must think alike :)!!

  2. Love the pictures! Love that Whit stood there with his hands around his neck during his program. Austin has a program tomorrow and I think he will do the same. Love and miss you!

  3. We had the best time with you guys! So much so that Hunt came into my room at 6:15 this am crying because he misses Whit and wants to see him! :( Tell him that we all miss him AND Thomas AND you and Howie! xoxo